June, 2009

Microsoft forums – where they are?

Microsoft has a lot forums in different (community) sites with a lot of topics. In this posting I listed up Microsoft forums, their locations and forum groups (categories under which forums belong). The purpose of this posting is to provide you with important information – where you get help when you have technical problems.

.Net Framework 4.0: Using memory mapped files

.Net Framework 4.0 introduces memory mapped files. Memory mapped files are useful when you need to do in-memory data manipulation and your data structures are large. For large in-memory data the performance of memory mapped file is the best. It is much faster thanMemoryStream. And like files on hard disc, memory mapped files can be shared between different programs. MemoryMappedFile and other classes for memory mapped files can be found from System.IO.MemoryMappedFiles namespace.

Visual Studio 2010: Brief view at debug history

Visual Studio 2010 introduces also some new debugging features. One of them is debug history. Debug history enables you to track all the points on track of control flow and it also monitors activities that you cannot see otherwise. It makes debugging of hard to find problems much easier, I think. Of course, there are many other new and cool debugging features available.

Visual Studio 2010: Web application packaging and publishing

Visual Studio 2010 has very powerful web application packaging and deployment system. When deploying your web application you create the deployment package and then publish it to web server. After configuring it is one-click action to get current version of application up to target server. Let’s see how it works.

Using classes for SharePoint workflow association data

I am using workflow with association form in one of my current SharePoint projects. When workflow is added to list there are some parameters that user must insert. Workflow instances are able to persist association data and to be more flexible the association data is saved as XML string. But in the code it is more convenient to use object instead of XML strings. I will show you how I solved the situation.

Visual Studio 2010: Web.config transforms

Recently I wrote about Visual Studio 2010 and multiple web.config files support. Let’s see now how to play with web.config transformation so we can use one configuration on development environment and the other for production environment.

ASP.NET MVC installer for Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1

Phil Haack announced Tuesday availability of ASP.NET MVC installer for Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1. Referenced blog entry contains also some bits of information about ASP.NET MVC roadmap that is also interesting reading. Installer is available in CodePlex ASP.NET project. In the case of troubles you can find some help from Jacques Eloff’s blog postingTroubleshooting the MVC installer for Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1.

SharePoint: Internal developer portal – first thoughts

My file system has one bad tumor – it is called over 6 months old My Documents. I have there a lot of stuff, it is somehow organized but it is still more like chaos. Most of these files are materials about different technologies and so on and also some business papers. Another chaos is my bookmarks collection… I thought about these files and links and suddenly I made conclusion – why not build separate SharePoint site to my company’s SharePoint server and publish all useful stuff there? I am sure that other guys have also stuff that may be interesting to others. So, here’s my first thoughts about developer info site on SharePoint server.

IIS SEO Toolkit: Sitemaps overview (illustrated)

IIS SEO Toolkit provides us besides site analysis also with sitemaps management. We can create sitemaps, sitemaps indexes, add URLs to sitemaps and sitemaps to sitemap indexes. Sitemap indexes are useful when you have more complex sitemaps structure (by example, you may have multiple sitemap files for different modules in you system). Sitemaps management is […]

IIS SEO Toolkit: Site analysis overview (illustrated)

As new IIS SEO Toolkit is here it is time now to make some tests with it. And what can be better test material than Microsoft own produced HTML documents? Well, I have my simple and primitive training web site running on my laptop and I think ASP.NET MVC Training Kit is perfect candidate for SEO tests. So, let’s see what SEO Toolkit thinks about it.

SharePoint: Customizing DispForm.aspx and EditForm.aspx through browser

DispForm.aspx that displays detail view of list item and EditForm.aspx that displays edit view of list item are not customizable by default. You can move to these pages but there is no Edit option in Site Actions menu. But it still possible to customize these pages, add new web parts there and so on. All you need is your web browser.

List of Microsoft training kits

Microsoft training kits are pretty good things to explore when you start learning some new technology. Here are links to some training kits I found to be interesting and useful. Some of these live also in my laptop and when I have free moments I explore them to learn more about these technologies.

New IIS SEO toolkit launched

ScottGu just blogged about the new IIS SEO Toolkit that brings some new SEO features to IIS. You can download it from IIS Toolkit homepage or install it using Microsoft Web Platform Installer.

Visual Studio 2008: No ASP.NET MVC items shown in Add New Item dialog

Today I found something weird. I tried to add some new views to my ASP.NET MVC solution but there were no ASP.NET MVC items in new items dialog. All the other ASP.NET MVC projects had no problem like this. Solution is simple.

Visual Studio 2010: Multiple web.config versions

Visual Studio 2010 has support for multiple web.config files. It is one feature of new web application packaging and deployment system. We can create now separate web.config files for each configuration we have for application.

Windows 7: Cannot modify some DCOM services settings – help!

I have Windows 7 beta running on my machine. I need to change some settings of IIS WAMREG admin service. Although I am logged in as administrator and I started dcomcnfg under administrative permissions I am not able to modify security settings. What may be the problem?

Some SharePoint users doesn’t receive alerts

I struggled with a weird problem today. I have pages library where users can insert pages through custom forms (it is public facing site, so I really don’t want to expose system pages to everybody). When new page is inserted to library then also alert will be created so user who owns the page gets e-mail when administrator approves or declines the page. Some users were not able to receive e-mails. There were no errors, no warnings – everything seemed to work normally.

Free ASP.NET 4.0 beta hosting available

Guys from ORCS Web are offering free ASP.NET 4.0 beta hosting until the end of October. Hosting plan is called “VS2010 and Web Deployment Tool Beta Program”. If you are interested in it then please feel free to sign up.