SharePoint 2010 installation and configuration logs

Short posting that helps me to find SharePoint 2010 setup and configuration logs easily. Taken from TechNet page Verify upgrade and review upgraded sites (SharePoint Foundation 2010).

ASP.NET: Serializing and deserializing JSON objects

ASP.NET offers very easy way to serialize objects to JSON format. Also it is easy to deserialize JSON objects using same library. In this posting I will show you how to serialize and deserialize JSON objects in ASP.NET.

Stream.CopyTo() extension method

In one of my applications I needed In one of my applications I needed copy data from one stream to another. After playing with streams a little bit I wrote CopyTo() extension method to Stream class you can use to copy the contents of current stream to target stream. Here is my extension method.

ASP.NET and WIF: Showing custom profile username as User.Identity.Name

I am building ASP.NET MVC application that uses external services to authenticate users. For ASP.NET users are fully authenticated when they are redirected back from external service. In system they are logically authenticated when they have created user profiles. In this posting I will show you how to force ASP.NET MVC controller actions to demand existence of custom user profiles.

ASP.NET MVC: Using ProfileRequiredAttribute to restrict access to pages

If you are using AppFabric Access Control Services to authenticate users when they log in to your community site using Live ID, Google or some other popular identity provider, you need more than AuthorizeAttribute to make sure that users can access the content that is there for authenticated users only. In this posting I will show you hot to extend the AuthorizeAttribute so users must also have user profile filled.

ASP.NET: Including JavaScript libraries conditionally from CDN

When developing cloud applications it is still useful to build them so they can run also on local machine without network connection. One thing you use from CDN when in cloud and from app folder when not connected are common JavaScript libraries. In this posting I will show you how to add support for local and CDN script stores to your ASP.NET MVC web application.

Identifying AppFabric Access Control Service users uniquely

In my last posting about AppFabric Labs Access Control Service I described how to get your ASP.NET MVC application to work with ACS. In this posting I will dig deeper into tokens and claims and provide you with some helper methods that you may find useful when authenticating users using AppFabric ACS. Also I will […]

ASP.NET MVC 3: Using AppFabric Access Control Service to authenticate users

I had Windows Azure training this week and I tried out how easy or hard it is to get Access Control Service to work with my ASP.NET MVC 3 application. It is easy now but it was not very easy to get there. In this posting I will describe you what I did to get ASP.NET MVC 3 web application to work with Access Control Service (ACS). I will show you also some code you may find useful.

Comparing and updating database schemas using Visual Studio 2010

During development it is possible that database schema changes and usually it changes are same sure to come as tax office and death. Later we need to reflect these changes also to live databases and it is not very easy task to do manually. In this posting I will show you how Visual Studio 2010 […]

Deployable dependencies in Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Beta

One new feature that comes with Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Beta is support for deployment references. Deployment reference means that you can include all necessary DLL-s to deployment package so your application has all assemblies it needs to run with it in deployment package. In this posting I will show you how to use deployment dependencies.

Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Beta supports IIS Express

Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Beta and ASP.NET MVC 3 RC2 were both announced today. I made a little test on one of my web applications to see how Visual Studio 2010 works with IIS Express. In this posting I will show you how to make your ASP.NET MVC 3 application work with IIS Express.

SSAS: Using fake dimension and scopes for dynamic ranges

In one of my BI projects I needed to find count of objects in income range. Usual solution with range dimension was useless because range where object belongs changes in time. These ranges depend on calculation that is done over incomes measure so I had really no option to use some classic solution. Thanks to SSAS forums I got my problem solved and here is the solution.

Getting MySQL work with Entity Framework 4.0

Does MySQL work with Entity Framework 4.0? The answer is: yes, it works! I just put up one experimental project to play with MySQL and Entity Framework 4.0 and in this posting I will show you how to get MySQL data to EF. Also I will give some suggestions how to deploy your applications to hosting and cloud environments.

How one decision can turn web services to hell

In this posting I will show you how one stupid decision may turn developers life to hell. There is a project where bunch of complex applications exchange data frequently and it is very hard to change something without additional expenses. Well, one analyst thought that string is silver bullet of web services. Read what happened.

DLL-s needed to run ASP.NET MVC 3 RC on Windows Azure

In this weekend I made one of my new apps run on Windows Azure. I am building this application using ASP.NET MVC 3 RC and Razor view engine. In this posting I will list DLL-s you need to have as local copies to get ASP.NET MVC 3 RC run on Windows Azure web role.

Web publishing warning: "No element in the source document matches ‘/configuration/hibernate-configuration’"

I created web.config transform that changes NHibernate configuration for Windows Azure projects. When building publishing package I get the following warning: "No element in the source document matches ‘/configuration/hibernate-configuration’" and transformed configuration doesn’t contain expected changes. In this posting I will show you how to solve this problem.

Windows Azure: Debug and redeploy your web applications quickly

My previous posting about Windows Azure introduced how to access web role instances using Remote Desktop. In this posting I will show you how your web applications are stored in virtual server where instance is running and how to debug and redeploy your applications quickly.

Connecting to Windows Azure web role instance using Remote Desktop

My last posting about cloud covered new features of Windows Azure. One of the new features available is Remote Desktop access to Windows Azure role instances. In this posting I will show you how to get connected to Windows Azure web role using Remote Desktop.

Silverlight 5 announced!

ust finished watching Silverlight Firestarter event where ScottGu made a keynote where he told about the future of Silverlight. There were some demos of Silverlight by SAP and IIS Media Server 4.0 new features by Chris Knowlton who demoed how to stream webcam pic to desktop, Windows Phone 7 and iPad. There was also demo […]

Windows Azure – new portal, new services, new tools

New version of Windows Azure and Windows Azure Portal are now available with new set of tools and training kit. There are also some interesting betas available. In this posting I will introduce you new features of Windows Azure and show you new Windows Azure Portal. Also you will see the configuration of VM instance that runs web applications.

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