January, 2011

Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams

Peopleware by Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister is golden classic book that can be considered as mandatory reading for software project managers, team leads, higher level management and board members of software companies. If you make decisions about people then you cannot miss this book. If you are already good on managing developers then this […]

SharePoint installation error: dbwrap.exe failed with error code: -2068643839. Type: 8::CommandFailed

Got the following error when installing SharePoint Server 2010 to machine where SQL Server 2008 R2 was previously installed: dbwrap.exe failed with error code: -2068643839. Type: 8::CommandFailed. Here’s my painful guide how I solved the problem.

Getting access to database installed by SharePoint 2010 single server install

After performing single server installation of SharePoint 2010 you have new SQL Server instance called SHAREPOINT running on your server. You can access it using Management Studio but you cannot do practically nothing with this instance if you are logged in as domain user to this machine. You have to add your domain account to server admin role so you can manage this SQL Server.

CAML: Use “text“ as type when querying text fields

As I don’t write CAML queries very often due to some good libs I have worked out over time I sometimes forget little nuances about CAML. One of my favorites is using “string” instead of “text” as type when querying text fields.