DevReach 2012

Our next stop after Varna was Sofia where DevReach happens. DevReach is one of my favorite conferences in Europe because of sensible prices and strong speakers line-up. Also they have VIP-party after conference and this is good event to meet people you don’t see every day, have some discussion with speakers and find new friends.

Community event in Varna, Bulgaria

Second stop in my DevReach 2012 trip was at Varna. We had not much time to hang around there but this problem will get fixed next year if not before. But still we had sessions there with Dimitar Georgijev and I had also chance to meet local techies. Next time we will have more tech and beers for sure!

Windows Azure development storage and StorageServerException (Error 500)

When preparing my Sinergija12 code examples I ran into interesting problem. Windows Azure local development storage hangs for about minute and gives StorageServerException stating that there was problem in web server. A little surf in search engines gave me solution.

Speaking at Sinergija12

Next week I will be speaker at Sinergija12, the biggest Microsoft conference held in Serbia. The first time I visited Sinergija it was clear to me that this is the event where I should go back. Why? Because technical level of sessions was very well in place and actually sessions I visited were pretty hardcore. Now, two years later, I will be back there but this time I’m there as speaker.

Generating radial indicator images using C#

In one of my projects I needed to draw radial indicators for processes measured in percent. Simple images like the one shown on right. I solved the problem by creating images in C# and saving them on server hard disc so if image is once generated then it is returned from disc next time. I am not master of graphics or geometrics but here is the code I wrote.

Community event at Bucharest, Romania

My second trip was to DevReach with two stops. My first stop was at Bucharest where I met with my friend Dimitar Georgiev who is one of authors of Gym Realm service. Romanian MVP Andrei Ignat was our host there and organized meeting with local community guys. With me – it was first time in my life – was one more guy from Estonia visiting DevReach and he made the whole trip with me.

Visit to SharePoint User Group Finland

My first self organized trip this autumn was visit to SharePoint User Group Finlandcommunity evening. As active community leaders who make things like these possible they are worth mentioning and on spug.fi side there was Jussi Roine the one who invited me. Here is my short review about my trip to Helsinki.

Hosting WCF service in Windows Service

When building Windows services we often need a way to communicate with them. The natural way to communicate to service is to send signals to it. But this is very limited communication. Usually we need more powerful communication mechanisms with services. In this posting I will show you how to use service-hosted WCF web service to communicate with Windows service.

Reading OpenDocument spreadsheets using C#

Excel with its file formats is not the only spreadsheet application that is widely used. There are also users on Linux and Macs and often they are using OpenOffice and other open-source office packages that use ODF instead of OpenXML. In this post I will show you how to read Open Document spreadsheet in C#.

Adding multiple data importers support to web applications

I’m building web application for customer and there is requirement that users must be able to import data in different formats. Today we will support XLSX and ODF as import formats and some other formats are waiting. I wanted to be able to add new importers on the fly so I don’t have to deploy web application again when I add new importer or change some existing one. In this posting I will show you how to build generic importers support to your web application.

Using AutoMapper to build base class for mappers between domain classes and models

It is often good idea to isolate our domain model from consuming applications by using service layer and data transfer objects (DTO) or application specific models. Using DTO-s means that we need two-way mapping between domain classes and DTO-s. In this posting I will show you how to use AutoMapper to build generic base class for your mappers.

ASP.NET MVC: Creating user configurable charts

Although summer here is awful and nice at same time it’s time to blog. Couple of years ago I wrote about how to use MS Chart control in ASP.NET MVC projects. Now let’s extend my solution and let’s add support for simple chart modifications. I used this solution in one of my projects to let […]

Using SocialCounter.NET with ASP.NET MVC

I found small library called SocialCounter.NET that is able to display some data from popular social sites. Although it is possible to use widgets offered by social networks there are also scenarios when you don’t want or can’t use these JavaScript based widgets. In this posting I will show you how to use SocialCounter.NET.

Cone of Uncertainty in classic and agile projects

David Starr from Scrum.org made interesting session in TechEd Europe 2012 – Implementing Scrum Using Team Foundation Server 2012. One of interesting things for me was how Cone of Uncertainty looks like in agile projects (or how agile methodologies distort the cone we know from waterfall projects). This posting illustrates two cones – one for waterfall and one for agile world.

Session I plan to visit at TechEd Europe 2012

TechEd 2012 at Europe is on next week. As I’m going there I already took a look at sessions and made my own favorites list of these. For every time slot I selected more than one session because if one session is not what I’m expecting I can always go to another.

Consuming ASP.NET Web API services from PHP script

I introduced ASP.NET Web API in some of my previous posts. Although Web API is easy to use in ASP.NET web applications you can use Web API also from other platforms. This post shows you how to consume ASP.NET Web API from PHP scripts.

ASP.NET MVC–How to show asterisk after required field label

Usually we have some required fields on our forms and it would be nice if ASP.NET MVC views can detect those fields automatically and display nice red asterisk after field label. As this functionality is not built in I built my own solution based on data annotations. In this posting I will show you how to show red asterisk after label of required fields.

Using TPL and PLINQ to raise performance of feed aggregator

In this posting I will show you how to use Task Parallel Library (TPL) and PLINQ features to boost performance of simple RSS-feed aggregator. I will use here only very basic .NET classes that almost every developer starts from when learning parallel programming. Of course, we will also measure how every optimization affects performance of feed aggregator.

ASP.NET Web API: Query string based content formatting

My previous post about Web API content negotiation showed how to add support for new content formats. As our API may have consumers who prefer query for data using GET requests we have to offer something for these dudes too. In this post I will show you how to make life easier for our Web […]

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