June, 2012

Session I plan to visit at TechEd Europe 2012

TechEd 2012 at Europe is on next week. As I’m going there I already took a look at sessions and made my own favorites list of these. For every time slot I selected more than one session because if one session is not what I’m expecting I can always go to another.

Consuming ASP.NET Web API services from PHP script

I introduced ASP.NET Web API in some of my previous posts. Although Web API is easy to use in ASP.NET web applications you can use Web API also from other platforms. This post shows you how to consume ASP.NET Web API from PHP scripts.

ASP.NET MVC–How to show asterisk after required field label

Usually we have some required fields on our forms and it would be nice if ASP.NET MVC views can detect those fields automatically and display nice red asterisk after field label. As this functionality is not built in I built my own solution based on data annotations. In this posting I will show you how to show red asterisk after label of required fields.

Using TPL and PLINQ to raise performance of feed aggregator

In this posting I will show you how to use Task Parallel Library (TPL) and PLINQ features to boost performance of simple RSS-feed aggregator. I will use here only very basic .NET classes that almost every developer starts from when learning parallel programming. Of course, we will also measure how every optimization affects performance of feed aggregator.