July, 2012

Using AutoMapper to build base class for mappers between domain classes and models

It is often good idea to isolate our domain model from consuming applications by using service layer and data transfer objects (DTO) or application specific models. Using DTO-s means that we need two-way mapping between domain classes and DTO-s. In this posting I will show you how to use AutoMapper to build generic base class for your mappers.

ASP.NET MVC: Creating user configurable charts

Although summer here is awful and nice at same time it’s time to blog. Couple of years ago I wrote about how to use MS Chart control in ASP.NET MVC projects. Now let’s extend my solution and let’s add support for simple chart modifications. I used this solution in one of my projects to let […]

Using SocialCounter.NET with ASP.NET MVC

I found small library called SocialCounter.NET that is able to display some data from popular social sites. Although it is possible to use widgets offered by social networks there are also scenarios when you don’t want or can’t use these JavaScript based widgets. In this posting I will show you how to use SocialCounter.NET.

Cone of Uncertainty in classic and agile projects

David Starr from Scrum.org made interesting session in TechEd Europe 2012 – Implementing Scrum Using Team Foundation Server 2012. One of interesting things for me was how Cone of Uncertainty looks like in agile projects (or how agile methodologies distort the cone we know from waterfall projects). This posting illustrates two cones – one for waterfall and one for agile world.