July, 2013

Anatomy of Office 365 public blog

As I found no easy ways how to make public blog on Office 365 more user and SEO friendly I tried to find other and more technical ways how to accomplish problems. Although it seems like there is not much to do about usability I still found some interesting details about technical side of public blog. Let’s dig deeper.

OneNote as personal travel guide: Planning

In previous post we gathered and organized information about places we want to visit and we have now pretty good overview about what is where, how we can move around and what delicious things we want to try. It’s time now to make guiding plan for our trip, work out informative pages and share our travel guide with our friends.

Office 365 public blogs overview

This post is another one in series about discovering Office 365 public SharePoint sites. This time I will stop at blog that is set up with default site. Blog is good format for easy-to-produce free format content and many companies have blogs for this reason. In this posting I will make first overview of blogs offered with Office 365 public sites.

OneNote as personal travel guide: Discovering places

When you know where you want to travel you can start with gathering information. This is time consuming process and I start with this as early as possible. This step in process produces a lot of information and you need some good way how to organize it so you don’t get lost. It’s easy for short trip to somewhere but when you plan to move around about week the situation is totally different. Let’s see how OneNote can help you out here.

OneNote as personal travel guide: Introduction

When going to travel then well done home work is must be – otherwise you spend a lot of valuable time on trip to find information and do time consuming planning. Poor planning means also way bigger expenses on mobile data traffic and most of your trip will be mess. I had problems like these when I was beginner traveller. For now I have elegant solution to this problem and here is how I use OneNote.

Moving SharePoint 2010 web application to claims-based authentication

Lately I migrated one intranet site from SharePoint Server 2007 to SharePoint Server 2010. During migration moving to claims-based authentication (CBA) was also needed. In this posting I will show you how to move those NTLM accounts to CBA with couple of simple steps.

Implementing simple change tracking using NHibernate

Some business systems use simple change tracking. User name and timestamp are saved when object is created and modified. In this posting I will show how to do it easily with NHibernate.

How innovation can turn to burning hell

During years in software development business I have seen many cases when layering in system architecture is made innovative way and later innovation turns out to be the worst nightmare developers and their managers have ever seen. Years ago I got very painful experience on how things can fail with unapproved bleeding-edge technologies that were […]

How I use OneNote

Over last years new Windows platform with personal cloud services has found its way to my everyday’s life. Maybe one of most important service I use for work and in private life is OneNote. Before going to cloud OneNote was for me digital note paper that had not much use. When OneNote spreaded to web and Windows Phone too it won my attention and I made my bet on it.

What is claims-based authentication?

Before going on with my other posts I want to introduce you claims-based authentication that makes is way to almost all Microsoft web-based platforms around. It is more complex than old username-password method but also more secure and general. In this posting I will give you short and not very technical overview about claims-based authentication.

Browser Link – Refresh running application in every browser on Visual Studio 2013

Visual Studio 2013 has good surprise for web developers who need to test their applications on different browsers. The new feature called Browser Link helps developers to refresh application in all opened browsers using just one icon click on Visual Studio toolbar.

My first attempt to blog on Surface RT

One question I had after buying Surface RT was: what about offline blogging? There’s no Live Writer and I have no information about the future of Live Writer. Suddenly I got an idea – but why not to try out Word – the most awful blogging tool I have ever seen. Maybe there have been some progress nd I have right tool here in my machine. So I tried Word and I got massive surprise.

Edit and continue with 64-bit applications supported on Visual Studio 2013

Visual Studio 2013 and .NET Framework 4.5.1 Preview introduce new feature that has been asked by community for long time – edit and go when debugging 64bit applications. Support for 64bit applications is finally here. Let’s see how it works.

New scaffolding for web projects with Visual Studio 2013 Preview

Visual Studio 2013 Preview introduces new scaffolding engine with code-name “Artery” for ASP.NET projects. The new engine allows to gather together all general and project specific scaffoldings and it seems to me like Artery will be the framework that gathers under same roof all scaffolding support in future.