October, 2013

Command Pattern

Command pattern is object behavioral design pattern that helps you handle different activities in application using same interface. I’m Command pattern is object behavioral design pattern that helps you handle different activities in application using same interface. I’m using Command Pattern in some of my systems to handle similar actions together and to split more comples operations to smaller steps by example. In this posting I will give you overview of Command Pattern.

Moving to SharePoint (My Way)

Let’s start with my Business Tuesday series where I introduce my business and how we work. Moving to SharePoint can be done many ways but most of them guarantee you any success on it. SharePoint is technically complex platform and those sad businesses and techies who start fighting with it will usually loose the battle. But how to move to SharePoint the way you get results instead of bad headaches? This is how I do it.

Transaction Script Pattern

Transaction Script (TS) is the simplest domain logic pattern we can find. It needs less work to implement than other domain logic patterns and therefore it’s perfect fit for smaller applications that doesn’t need big architecture behind them. This posting focuses on TS pattern by illustrating and analysing it. Also some good hints for implementation are provided.

Microsoft .NET: Architecting Applications for the Enterprise

Enterprise applications need good architecture to survive ever-changing demands of customers. At same time these systems must be stable, convenient and easy to use which leads us to need of good architecting skills. Some customers need desktop applications while others need web-based and mobile applications. Making good architectural decisions is not easy and this is […]

Using web.config transforms with NLog configuration

I’m building a web based hybrid system that can run on-premises and on cloud. On development machine I want NLog to write logs on disk. When system is deployed to cloud I want NLog to write logs to Windows Azure Table storage. In this posting I will show you how to use web.config transforms with NLog configuration.

Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software

Design Patterns is golden classics of software design books written by Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson and John Vlissides (aka Gang of Four – GoF). When this book was published first it was revolutionary because it contained still undocumented knowledge from software development field that needed some systematic work and organization on it. Today we see these patterns in many programs and developers on different platforms are more and more aware of these first defined design patterns. If you are software developer then this is must-have book for you.

First meeting with Chisinau community

First destination in my Balkans trip this year was Chisinau, the capitol of Moldova. We arranged meeting there with local community and prepared some presentations for them because it’s always fun to meet and to do something with different communities. Chisinau was cool and we had a very nice day with local community. Here’s what happened there.

How to avoid throttling SQL Azure database with NHibernate

Lately I had one weird experience on with running NHibernate on Windows Azure and I think it’s worth to share with you. NHibernate is matured industry-level ORM that is proven itself over years. Although it is not so easy to use as Entity Framework it is still my favorite due to flexibility and wide databases […]

DevReach 2013

DevReach 2013 is over and I am back home from my this autumn’s Balkans tour. This year DevReach was held at new venue, had pre-cons day and first time I saw also books table there. Although there were not much my level hardcore sessions I’m still very happy with those softer ones I took because a lot of information I got is applicable in my daily work life. Here’s my little overview of DevReach 2013.

Speaking at Sinergija13

Only few weeks are left before Sinergija13 conference starts in Belgrade, Serbia. As organizers chose me as one of speakers I have some presentations to do there and it would be nice to see you all there.

First meeting with Plovdiv community

One of new destinations of my Balkans trip this autumn was Plovdiv, Bulgaria. We met there with local developers community, had some presentations and after that was beerworking networking. There’s something special about Plovdiv community that makes me want to get back there. Here’s the overview of Plovdiv community and some words about what we did together.

My MVP continued

During my autumn trip to Balkans I got one fancy e-mail from Microsoft – my MVP title is continued. This means that my sixth year as MVP has started. As for every other MVP year I have some plans and some goals to achieve. Here’s short overview of my new MVP year.