GridView and Invalid CurrentPageIndex Value Exception – .Net 3.5 Version

In my previous GridView entry titled as GridView and Invalid CurrentPageIndex Value Exception I made an example about how to corrigate paged GridView page index before grid is bound to data. Let’s to id now .Net Framework 3.5 way.

public static class GridViewExtensions
public static void CorrigatePageIndex(this GridView
gdv, Int32 rowCount)
        Int32 newIndex = gdv.PageIndex;
(gdv.PageSize > 0)
if ((Int32)Math.Ceiling((decimal
)rowCount / gdv.PageSize) < newIndex)
                newIndex = (Int32)
)rowCount / gdv.PageSize);
if (newIndex < 0)
            newIndex = 0;
        gdv.PageIndex = newIndex;

Now we can corrigate page index usng the following code.

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
if (this
DataTable dt = GetRows();
    gdvList.PageIndex = 15;
    gdvList.DataSource = dt;

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