Building SaaS portals on ASP.NET and Windows Azure

Windows Azure is rich and flexible cloud service that introduces new software developing and hosting scenarios that were impossible or technically complex and expensive before. This session is deep-dive overview of  one real-life SaaS portal service that is build on ASP.NET and is hosted on Windows Azure. Problem-solution style examples cover complex aspects of architecture and deployment, also some code level issues will be discussed. The objective is to encourage ASP.NET developers and architects to consider also Windows Azure as environment for complex systems.

Target audience: developers, architects
Level: 300

Topics covered

  • Overview of cloud environment and cloud services
  • How simple web application evolved to SaaS portal
  • Short overview of real-life service that is running on Windows Azure
  • Architecture of SaaS portal
  • Portals topology
  • Deployments to cloud
  • Worse mistakes we made
  • Challenges, problems, solutions

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  • July 9, 2019 at 6:53 pm

    Where are the details?

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