Here you can find list of my presentations for community events and conferences. Also presentation support materials like slides, links etc will be published here in near future.

Planning some event? I am more than happy to visit community events and conferences as a speaker. It’s something I like to do and I like to take those challenges. Presentations here are not just examples based on some fictive company. The presentations here base all on my own real-life experiences and I think this is something that people want to hear. If you think that some of topics here are worth to be part of your event then please feel free to contact me.

Modern era digital signing on SharePoint

Digital signing is getting more and more popular. One of the early adopters was Estonia where ID-card and related technologies can be used for signing documents and authenticating users in web and in sales terminals. This presentation shows how Estonian companies are using digital signing with SharePoint on-premises and cloud solutions. Technical examples cover digital signing on in-premises and cloud environments. There are also examples about complex workflows where digital signing is involved. The goal of this presentation is to show how much can be done and how much time can be saved when using nowadays technologies with SharePoint. Read more …

Brewing Eisbock with Raspberry PI and Windows 10 IoT

This presentation focuses on real-life IoT system that supports brewing eisbock beer. Sample device is built on Raspberry PI and Windows 10 IoT. It includes also temperature sensors to measure beer and ambient temperature. There is Windows 10 Universal Application that allows to control the process and read metrics from Raspberry PI. Data from Raspberry PI will be later visualized using charts. The presentation goes through all steps of building such a solution. Read more …

Deep-Dive to Application Insights

Do you know what goes on in your applications? Are you able to use log files and be two steps ahead of problems? Most popular answer to these questions is “no”. With Application Insights telemetry service Microsoft is trying to change the situation and give you very good idea about how your applications are actually doing. Read more …

Deep-Dive to Azure Search

This presentation is introduction to search world and deep-dive to Azure Search. Building well functioning search for web site is never easy. It needs planning of search indexes, analysis for technical solution and good knowledge about how users interact with search. Azure Search is simple search service for search-enabling web sites and other systems. This presentation uses simple example site to make deep-dive to Azure Search and show audience how to build scalable and powerful search solution on it. Read more …

Building ASP.NET Core applications on Linux

.NET Core and ASP.NET Core with related technologies are open-sourced by Microsoft and nothing stops open-source fans from building web applications using ASP.NET Core on Linux. This presentation is live demo about how to set up ASP.NET Core development environment on Linux and how to build and run applications there. Read more …

Building modern cloud applications on ASP.NET Core

With new Visual Studio and ASP.NET 5 we have tooling and framework to build modern cloud applications that are ready for Microsoft Azure from point zero. ASP.NET 5 is also available on Unix-based operating systems. This presentation introduces through demo site how to build ASP:NET 5 web applications, how to use new Visual Studio tooling and how to use Microsoft Azure services to host, extend and monitor web applications. Read more …

What’s New in ASP.NET Core

Next version of ASP.NET vNext will be totally different from what we are using today. There are many changes in internals, tooling, and at runtime level. This presentation gives you overview of changes, explains decisions that Microsoft made and shows you new ASP.NET running in different environments. Read more …


Architecting ASP.NET MVC applications

ASP.NET MVC is close to metal framework for building web applications on .NET platform. It is very flexible but not so easy as ASP.NET Forms. This session introduces architectural aspects of ASP.NET MVC framework and goes through decisions that software architects have to make when building enterprise class solutions on it. Read more …

Technical level: 300
Target audience: web developers, architects

Introduction to Single Page Applications

Growing power of browsers, powerful JavaScript libraries and lightweight web based API-s allow developers to build extremely responsive applications that run on browsers and use data from server. This session gives audience the overview about single page applications (SPA) and how they are built on ASP.NET MVC. Based on real-life experiences the session gives valuable information to web developers who plan to build their first SPA.

Technical level: 300
Target audience: web developers

Working with Legacy Code

Legacy code can be nightmare to developers who have to maintain and develop it. This session gives you good hints about how to refactor and stabilize legacy code base. Using these tips and tricks you can markably change the quality of bad code base and turn it to something that is able to survive. Read more …

Technical level: 300
Target audience: developers

Optimizing public facing SharePoint sites

SharePoint Server with publishing infrastructure is preferred content management platform in many enterprises. Although it is powerful platform that allows to use all fancy features that SharePoint provides, it also needs hardware resources to run fast. This session focuses on optimizing SharePoint Server public facing sites so one can be sure that sites in public are really performant and stable. Read more …

Technical level: 300
Target audience: SharePoint developers

Porting ASP.NET applications to Windows Azure

Hosting applications on Windows Azure is simple but there are things to change when cloud-enabling existing web applications because cloud is conceptually different than on-premises or shared hosting environment. This sessions goes through main issues one will face when moving applications to cloud. Real-life examples provide elegant solutions to problems and through demos the audience will see how to deploy applications to cloud and how to test and run cloud and hybrid applications on your development machine. Read more …

Technical level: 300
Target audience: developers

Building SaaS portals on ASP.NET and Windows Azure

Windows Azure is rich and flexible cloud service that introduces new software developing and hosting scenarios that were impossible or technically complex and expensive before. This session is deep-dive overview of  one real-life SaaS portal service that is build on ASP.NET and is hosted on Windows Azure. Problem-solution style examples cover complex aspects of architecture and deployment, also some code level issues will be discussed. The objective is to encourage ASP.NET developers and architects to consider also Windows Azure as environment for complex systems. Read more …

Technical level: 300
Target audience: developers, architects