Software Estimation – Demystifying the Black Art

Software Estimation - Demystifying the Black Art is another masterpiece by Steve McConnell. I introduced in last june book Code Complete 2 by same author - it is suggested reading for developers. Software Estimation, as title sais, tells about how to estimate software projects. Estimating is not easy thing to do if you want to achieve good estimates.

Expert .NET 2.0 IL Assembler

If you want to know how .Net Framework works internally then there is very good book by Serge Lidin - Expert .NET 2.0 IL Assembler. Serge Lidin is author of IL Assembler, IL Disassembler. He is also one of those guys who wrote IL Assembler language specification. So I think he knows the topic very well.


Recently I readed a book titled as ProBlogger: Secrets Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income. Authors of this book are Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett - the veterans of commercial blogging business. Darren is also owner of the famous ProBlogger site and b5media.

Implementation Patterns

Another great book to read is Implementation Patterns from famous Kent Beck. I found this book to be good addition to Code Complete 2. Code Complete is mostly about readable and manageable code. Implementation Patterns is about code itself - how we are writing classes, methods, loops and other code constructions everyday and what kind of patterns can be drawn out from there. (more…)

Domain Driven Design

I am sure you have all read this book and this book needs no further introduction - Domain Driven Design by Eric Evans! I readed this book couple of months ago and now I am trying to apply good ideas I got from this book. Instead of writing usual introduction I tell you a little bit about my experiences when applying ideas represented in this book.

Code Complete 2

Code Complete 2 is very good and must-be book by Steve McConnell for all developers. The book covers many aspcets of coding and gives very good advices about how to organize and write your code, how to comment and document it and how to write code without ruining yourself.

Don’t Make Me Think

Don't Make Me Think by Steve Krug is the definitive guide to user friendly web pages. This book doesn't tell you about how to make HTML pages or how to design them. This book tells you what to keep in mind when dealing with web pages and how to make your web pages user friendly.

Building Object Applications That Work

Building Object Applications That Work by Scott Ambler is great book for every developer who is working with object-oriented systems. This book is recommended reading also for system architects, designers and managers to get better understanding of object-oriented world.

Working Effectively with Legacy Code

This is the first entry of my books sections in this blog. The first book I want to introduce is Working Effectively with Legacy Code by Michael Feathers. This book is extremely useful when there is need to fix systems with legacy code base.